VIDEO FLASHBACK: Eurythmics "Here Comes The Rain Again"

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Wicked weather slams into central Broward with reports of hail, tornado

The National Weather Service in Miami said a tornado was spotted in Tamarac around 2 pm. Wednesday, but said the funnel system and the torrential rain that accompanied the storm eventually made its way out to sea. No injuries were immediately reported. SUN SENTINEL

VIDEO: Hail in South Florida

Related: Space Shuttle Delayed by Hail Damage

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Time Stamp Confirms BBC Reported WTC 7 Collapse 26 Minutes In Advance

If there was any remaining doubt that the BBC reported the collapse of Building 7 over 20 minutes before it fell then it has now evaporated with the discovery of footage from the BBC's News 24 channel that shows the time stamp at 21:54 (4:54PM EST) when news of the Salomon Brothers Building is first broadcast, a full 26 minutes in advance of its collapse. PRISON PLANET


VIDEO: Rosie to Elisabeth: "You're Young and Wrong!"

Welcome to Combat, Dick Cheney:

"After standing on the sidelines for so long, after five draft deferments, after cheerleading destruction in war after war, after making money off Middle East conflict, is it possible that this one closer-than-comfortable moment might have some impact?" THE RUDE PUNDIT


Olbermann on Gore’s Energy Use: Setting the Record Straight

You knew after his big night at the Oscars Sunday, the far right would come out in full force against former Vice President Gore. Since these single-minded sensationalists never let those pesky "facts" get in the way, Keith breaks down the utility bill. Crooks & Liars

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UFO science key to halting climate change: former Canadian defense minister

"We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know. Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our planet if applied quickly enough," he said. RAW STORY

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VIDEO FLASHBACK: David Bowie "China Girl" (1983)

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China`s Chery cars to be sold as Dodge

DaimlerChrysler AG, seeking to cut costs and boost sales in North America, said Tuesday it will start selling Chinese-made cars in that market and western Europe as it tries to meet demand for smaller, more economical vehicles. WaPo

China: Only talks will resolve Iran nuclear issue Jerusalem Post

China Premier: Democracy 100 Years Away ABC

Black Tuesday In China Forbes

Russia now is the largest arms supplier to China Times Recorder

Flashback: When Americans No Longer Own America Thom Hartmann 2/2006

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Troubled waters for manatees?

Scientists estimate that six in every 10 manatees now winter near power plants that line Florida's waterways. It is a dependency that someday could have grave consequences for the manatee. ORLANDO SENTINEL

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Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Keepers in Peril

In 24 states throughout the country, beekeepers have gone through shock as their bees have been disappearing inexplicably at an alarming rate, threatening not only their livelihoods but also the production of numerous crops, including California almonds, one of the nation’s most profitable. NYT


Alaska turns to tidal power

Miami-based Ocean Renewable announced plans to test its tidal power generator prototype in Knik Arm, Alaska.

The generator works similarly to a wind turbine. The tide causes lift, which turns the blades, spinning the generator. Much of the research in the last few years done on wind has been used to advance tidal energy. Supporters say tidal power is more reliable than wind. EARTH TIMES


Q&A: Tracey Thorn

On March 20, Astralwerks issues Thorn`s sophomore solo album, 'Out of the Woods.' Working with producers Ewan Pearson, Alex Santos and Charles Webster, Thorn has created a collection of songs evenly split between acoustic ("Hands up to the Ceiling") and dance/electronic (lead single "It`s All True"). Throughout, a beautiful pop sensibility - with some winks and nods to the `80s - reigns supreme. Continued... Monsters & Critics

AUDIO STREAM: Tracey Thorn "Grand Canyon" (Album Track)

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VIDEO FLASHBACK: Taffy "I Love My Radio" (1985)

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Costco tightens return policy on electronics

Costco has until now allowed customers to return items at any time for a full refund, except for personal computers, where returns were limited to six months. But there have been concerns that the policy was proving problematic for some high-end electronics such as high-definition televisions. MSNBC


Apple TV delayed until March

Some analysts are projecting the set-top box could be yet another hit product for Apple, adding to the Cupertino-based company's growing fortunes as it expands its consumer electronics portfolio beyond Macintosh computers and iPod portable players. CNN

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VIDEO: "Fashion Week in God"

The Daily Show's Samantha Bee provides a look at fashion designed to please the designer. ONE GOOD MOVE
Related: Colbert’s WØRD on Blair’s Withdrawal


Laura Bush: Much Of Iraq Is ‘Stable,’ There’s Just ‘One Bombing A Day That Discourages Everybody’

According to the latest Brookings Institution Iraq Index, as of November 2006, there were approximately 185 insurgent and militia attacks every day. THINK PROGRESS


Gore Responds to Charges His House Uses Too Much Electricity

Al Gore has responded to charges that his house consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year, with the new Oscar winner saying he has taken many steps to reduce the carbon footprint in his home. FOX NEWS

Gore Responds To Drudge’s Latest Hysterics Think Progress

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Ann Coulter’s Latest FOX News Gig: Global Warming Expert

The “we report, you decide” network posted “Warming Hysteria” on the screen. But all the hysteria seemed to come from Coulter who jabbered about liberals being anti-human, wanting to do away with indoor plumbing and using candles instead of electricity. VIDEO via NEWS HOUNDS

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How about Department of Peace?

On Feb. 5, House Resolution 808 was introduced onto the floor of the U.S House of Representatives. When passed, H.R. 808 will establish a new Cabinet-level office in the Executive branch of the federal government - the U.S. Department of Peace and Non-violence that will be dedicated to peacemaking and the study of conditions that are conducive to both domestic and international peace. THE COLORADOAN

"Iraqis are People, too" Cindy Sheehan

The crimes against humanity keep piling up on the Bush Regime. If one stipulates that the invasion of Iraq was justified then Geneva Conventions require that the occupying power protect the occupied, make sure they have medicine and medical attention and clean water and food. BushCo has failed its responsibilities to the Iraqi people miserably and the Iraqi people want our troops out of their country. Dropping nuclear, or our devastating conventional weapons, on Iran would be another crime against humanity for the Bush Regime to paste in its scrap book. Continued at COMMON DREAMS


Not ONE Member of the Bush Extended Family Has Served in Iraq! Not One! Take a Look.

If Iraq is such an "honorable" cause, how come not one -- not one -- of Bush's extended family has joined the military to fight there? Not one.
Same for Cheney's family.


Hersh: Bush Administration Conducting ‘Very Aggressive’ Special Operations Inside Iran

Appearing on CNN’s Late Edition to discuss his new article, “The Redirection,” Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh warned that the Bush administration is “very far along” in its plans for a war with Iran. THINK PROGRESS

US generals ‘will quit’ if Bush orders Iran attack

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AUDIO: Stephanie Miller Interviews 70's Heartthrob David Cassidy

From Actor To Activist, David Cassidy is talking about his new album "David Cassidy Part II (The Remix)" which features dance remixes of his hits. Click To Stream The Interview

The Stephanie Miller Show
Listen Live: 9AM - Noon ET

David Cassidy: Part II the Remix - Target Exclusive CD

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Utility eyes power grid to boost electric cars

California's biggest utility, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., is considering a plan to charge fleets of battery-powered cars overnight with wind energy and let consumers sell back some of the stored electricity during the day. MSNBC

Offshore wind farm could power entire East Coast Green Options

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Some Celebrities Who Made Green Issues Cool

Whether it's forsaking a gas guzzling limo in favor of driving a hybrid car to the Oscars, or fitting their homes with solar panels, many celebrities embraced green causes long before they became fashionable. Check out the list of some of the leading green celebrity players: ENN

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Melissa Etheridge takes home Oscar for best song

I have to thank Al Gore for inspiring me, showing me that caring about the earth is not Republican or Democrat, it's not red or blue. We are all green. We can be the generation that woke up and did something." NME

"I Need to Wake Up" Music Video

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Ellen's first controversial joke of the night!

"If there weren't blacks, Jews and gays, there would be no Oscars. Or anyone named Oscar." Live-Blogging and Occasional Musings: ETP

VIDEO: Ellen explainsthe unpredictability of the Oscar nomination process. Sometimes, the vote count doesn’t always tell the whole story. Watch it:

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VIDEO: Apple iPhone Ad "Hello"

Oscar night premiere for the new iPhone ad.

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VIDEO: Olbermann profiled on CBS

CBS Sunday Morning did a profile on Keith Olbermann and Countdown today. The "Rummy Special Comment," was the # 2 political blog post (#3 overall) of 2006 via Nielsen BuzzMetrics. CROOKS & LIARS


'Ugly Betty' Star: U.S. Won't Be 'Free' Until Bush Gone

Actress America Ferrera interjected a bit of political commentary at the Spirit Awards, suggesting the U.S. will not be “the land of the free” again until President Bush leaves office. NEWS BUSTERS

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HBO's 'Ghosts of Abu Ghraib': Fearlessly Facing the Shame

"Ghosts of Abu Ghraib," a new HBO documentary produced and directed by Rory Kennedy, daringly approaches a scandal that hardly anyone wants to see reexamined -- least of all, one can safely assume, the Bush administration and the Pentagon. Washington Post

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VIDEO: Bobby Trendy On Court TV

Click To View: YouTube (2/23/07)
Life imitates art? Feb. 14th illustration via Gallery of the Absurd...

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'Reno 911!: Miami': Busted

Charge them all with wasting a golden opportunity. The actors behind this show are far more talented than this movie suggests - many of their funniest quirks haven't made the final cut - and there's no excuse beyond simple quick-buck greed for such a sloppy effort. TORONTO STAR

Reno 911!'s Raineesha Delivers Big-screen Booty


Carl Cox & Friends Return to the Ultra Music Festival at Miami

Carl will be flying into Miami exclusively, having hand-picked a line-up including friends Danny Tenaglia, Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim), Josh Wink and Yousef, for another amazing year. “I have a big love for the Miami WMC, and I’ve loved playing this tent at Ultra in the past so I wouldn’t want to miss this for the world!” says Carl. TRANZFUSION

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AUDIO: Seamus Haji Ft KayJay "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life"

ARJAN has the remix details.


Oprah and Gore among 181 peace prize nominees

The chatshow host Oprah Winfrey, the former US vice president Al Gore and a woman who rescued Polish children in the second world war are all believed to be among the 181 nominations received for the Nobel peace prize this year. GUARDIAN UK

Related: Woman, 70, injured in Sydney peace protest

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The Colorado River, the news is not good

The water level on both the Colorado River and Lake Mead is at a 40 year low. What is worse is that, in a new report, no less than the National Research Council has said that it is not going to get better. PLANET SAVE


Levi’s Launches Organic Brand Globally - Made In North Carolina

These organic cotton jeans are high-end and costly, but are pretty comparable to other jeans that we’ve seen. As part of the global launch, the Eco jeans are available in all of the Levi’s U.S and Europe stores. Right now they are offering an organic jean jacket as well and apparently new products will be introduced this coming spring. TREEHUGGER


Beaver Seen in NYC, First in Centuries

Beavers grace New York City's official seal. But the industrious rodents haven't been spotted here for as many as 200 years - until this week. Biologists videotaped a beaver swimming up the Bronx River on Wednesday. RED ORBIT


VIDEO FLASHBACK: Tears For Fears "Sowing the Seeds Of Love" (1989)

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Tony Blair has declared himself at odds with hawks in the US Administration by saying publicly for the first time that it would be wrong to take military action against Iran. The Prime Minister’s comments came hours before the UN’s nuclear watchdog raised the stakes in the West’s showdown with Tehran. TIMES ONLINE
"All Americans want to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons and interfering on the ground inside Iraq. Yet President Bush’s saber rattling gives the US little additional leverage to engage and dissuade Iran, and, more than likely, simply accelerates a dangerous slide into war. The United States can do better than this." General Wesley Clark

AHMADINEJAD: Vows to Defend Nuke Program...
CHENEY: USA keeps 'all options' open...

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VIDEO: Flying Lizards "Money" (1979)

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Discovery Channel Tonight "Best Evidence - Chemical Contrails"

Millions of people have seen them; jet aircraft vapor trails lingering in the sky. Are these just regular "contrails," the carbon and water vapor exhaust from commercial planes, or are they potentially toxic "chemical trails"? 9PM ET on Discovery

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Perfect Beat Records Closes Its Doors

For many years, Perfect Beat in the heart of West Hollywood, has been the place where music buffs were able to find an incredible array of CDs from traditional to groundbreaking; from rock/pop and rap/hip-hop to disco classics and the latest European releases.

Perfect Beat is not going out of business;, the online version of the store, has been very profitable and will continue on. West Hollywood.Com

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ARIA "The Byron Stingily Interview"

As a solo artist he has had his biggest success on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, where he has hit #1 three times. Mervin has a great interview with house music pioneer and innovator, Byron Stingily. ARIA

AUDIO FLASHBACK: "Make Me Feel, Mighty Real" (1998)

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After Elton "Interview With Dave Koz"

On his new CD At the Movies, openly gay jazz musician Dave Koz applies his saxophone skills to a set of songs linked to classic films from the 20th century. AFTER ELTON

Official Website: Dave Koz

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Oprah, what gives?

"Why Oprah would have on Bill O'Reilly to discuss any facet of the Shawn Hornbeck case is beyond me. Didn't her staff know that Bill blamed Shawn for sticking around with his abductor because he just wanted to have some fun?" CROOKS & LIARS

Bill O'Reilly and Oprah Winfrey Share Olbermann's Worse Persons Award News Hounds



Oprah Winfrey is competing today with the one TV personality who could possibly beat her in the ratings - herself! Oprah's show is up against Ellen's in more than 60 cities including New York. NY POST

OSCAR HOSTS WITH THE MOST ABC News reaching out to the YouTube generation Chicago Tribune

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VIDEO: Lakisha Jones "And I Am Telling You"

The next American Idol? Simon thinks so...

"American Idol": Guys, Just Go Home San Francisco Chronicle

RELATED VIDEO: Jake Gyllenhaal - SNL Opening (1/13/07)


VIDEO FLASHBACK: Carl Douglas "Kung Fu Fighting" (1974 Soultrain)

Making Martial Law Easier

A disturbing recent phenomenon in Washington is that laws that strike to the heart of American democracy have been passed in the dead of night. So it was with a provision quietly tucked into the enormous defense budget bill at the Bush administration's behest that makes it easier for a president to override local control of law enforcement and declare martial law. NYT via TRUTHOUT

Martial law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Italian prime minister resigns over US air base, troop plans

Prime Minister of Italy, Romano Prodi, has resigned, after the Italian Senate rejected his plans to keep Italian troops in Afghanistan, and expand a U.S. military base in the north of the country. MALAYSIA SUN

AUDIO: Prodi Steps Down as Italian Prime Minister NPR

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Iraq war protests greet Cheney's Australia trip

Anti-Iraq war protesters briefly scuffled with police in Sydney on Thursday before the arrival of U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, underlining divisions within one of Washington's firmest allies over the unpopular war. REUTERS

Cheney brings out the hate in peaceniks The Australian

Did You Know Dick Cheney Went to Japan? No? Princess Sparkle Pony


Great Barrier Reef Polluted by Pesticides

The Great Barrier Reef, already under threat from global warming, is also being affected by pollutants and pesticides from the land carried into the sea by flooded rivers, satellite images show. COMMON DREAMS


Pelosi beats back Cheney smear

Vice President Cheney today on Iraq redeployment: “I think if we were to do what Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Murtha are suggesting, all we’ll do is validate the al Qaeda strategy.” Pelosi responds: “Vice President Cheney continues to question the patriotism of those of us in Congress who challenge the Bush Administration’s misguided policies in Iraq, but his latest attack is beneath the office of the Vice President, especially at a time of war.” THINK PROGRESS



Hillary Charms Black Voters In Miami

Hillary Clinton chose Liberty City Tuesday to make her first public appearance in Florida as a presidential candidate, signaling that she won't forfeit black voters to Democratic rival Barack Obama. MIAMI HERALD

Does Hollywood Heart Obama? LAist
John Edwards Expresses Concern Over Israel-Iran War, Loses Nomination Wonkette

Gay mogul David Geffen slammed Hillary Clinton by way of an interview in Maureen Dowd's NYT column, published the day after a fundraiser for Barack Obama that sent $1.3 million into his campaign coffers. TOWLEROAD



New Poll: Three Out of Four are Comfortable with a Woman President

Half of Americans are very comfortable with a female president and a majority feel the country will be ready to elect her within the next five years, according to a poll conducted by GfKRoper Public Affairs and commissioned by The White House Project, a national non-partisan organization created to advance women's leadership across sectors, including the U.S. presidency. THE WHITE HOUSE PROJECT


Morrissey Set for Huge American Tour

Morrissey is set to undertake a massive 40-date tour of North America starting on April 27.

True to you reports that the former Smith singer will be supported by Kristeen Young on all the dates and that the venues and ticket details will be announced in the two weeks. ALBUM VOTE

MySpace: Morrissey
AUDIO FLASHBACK: "America Is Not The World"

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VIDEO FLASHBACK: Depeche Mode "Everything Counts"

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Guilt-Free Pollution. Or Is It?

These days, pop stars, chief executives and politicians vaunt how they offset carbon emissions by planting trees or investing in renewable energy projects — many in poorer countries in Africa or in India. NY TIMES

Carbon Footprint Calculator
The carbon dioxide you produce by driving your car and leaving the lights on adds up quickly. You may be surprised by how much Co2 you are emitting each year. CLIMATE CRISIS

The Greenest Car -- Not a Hybrid?
Australia bans incandescent bulbs
Wind power blows through China
Need a model for energy conservation? Look to California


With HBO’s Help, the In-Flight Entertainment Is About to Get Sharper

Under an agreement between Delta Air Lines and HBO, planes in the airline’s fleet that are fitted with video-on-demand seatbacks will have a dedicated HBO channel offering movies and 40 to 50 hours of unedited programming from popular series like “The Sopranos,” “Da Ali G Show” and “Deadwood.” NY TIMES


Spike Lee wins Polk Award for New Orleans documentary

Lee, the director of "Malcolm X" and "Do the Right Thing," was honored for "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts," along with its producer, Sam Pollard. They won the award for documentary television for illustrating evidence of the government's poor performance in the aftermath of the August 2005 storm. AP

If you missed it on HBO, click here to see some of When the Levees Broke Act II

High, Low Of Post-Katrina New Orleans CBS
Jazz singer Ellen Smith admits she thought about staying away, "But you can't be a New Orleans jazz singer living in Dallas."

Crime turning New Orleans into Big Uneasy REUTERS


VIDEO: Coulter Out-Foxed

"The last time we saw Coulter, a little more than a week ago, she was making goo-goo eyes at Colmes and telling a clitorectomy joke after that failed to seduce him. Since then, she must have done something to her face. The skin looked so unnaturally stretched over her cheekbones that they looked like pink furniture knobs jutting out from her face. Links to some screen grabs are in the comments." NEWS HOUNDS

Related: Olbermann Adds Laughs to FOX News Sunday

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Hundreds who suspect lies about 9/11 to meet

Hundreds of people who believe the government lied about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States plan to gather in Chandler later this week to strategize about how to find out the truth. AZ STAR

Bushie Longs For bin Laden's Sweet Terrorist Ass Queerty


George W Bush Speechwriter

George W. Bush Speechwriter. Create your own speech mixing and matching Dubya's favorite phrases. ACT OF ME


Is there life after Bush?

"Hating George W. Bush sometimes feels like a full-time job. I get up in the morning, open the paper, and it's Bush World. His ruinous handiwork is all over the place, whether it's Putin threatening to start a new Cold War, another Neanderthal anti-Enlightenment skirmish in the U.S. or some fresh hell in Baghdad." Gary Kimaya via Salon

58 percent of Americans wish the Bush administration were over.


US 'Iran attack plans' revealed

US contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend beyond nuclear sites and include most of the country's military infrastructure, the BBC has learned. BBC



Snow: Politicians Warning Of Iran War ‘May Be Trying To Protect Iran’

Today on CNN, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow claimed that members of Congress who have warned about the possibility of a military strike against Iran may be “trying to protect Iran.” Watch it: THINK PROGRESS

Related: 'NY Post': Those Who Oppose 'Surge' in Congress Are Guilty of 'Treason'

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Expose: Wounded Soldiers Coming Home to Neglect at Walter Reed

"How many times during the Bush administration have you said to yourself, "This is America. How can this be happening?" I've lost count. But coming at the end of a week filled with Capitol Hill gasbaggery over who does and does not support US troops, I'm shocked again." Shelley Lewis via HuffPo

Who Really Supports the Troops? Huffington Post

Grandparents raising the children of those killed are being denied benefits.

The Army Times: Wounded and Waiting

The White House message to amputees: hide your stumps in the presence of King George.

House Rules Committee Chair Louise Slaughter writes Pentagon, demanding answers on Walter Reed vets scandal


Judge OKs sale of Air America Radio

A bankruptcy judge in New York has approved the sale of the liberal radio network Air America to real estate tycoon, Stephen L. Green. CBC

Progressive Talker Taking Franken's Slot Washington Post


"NY Post Sez XM and Sirius To Merge. No, Really."

The highly reliable New York Post reports that XM Satellite Radio will merge with Sirius Satellite Radio as early as today. This makes the 287th time that we've heard such a rumor. According to the Post's super secret sources, the two companies held a slumber party all weekend long trying to come up with a deal that was suitable to both parties. GIZMODO

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Jake Shears Duets With Neil Tennant

Arjan has posted exclusive photos of Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears duetting with Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant at a special charity gig in London on Sunday evening. ARJAN WRITES

Stars perform for HIV Channel 4 News, UK

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VIDEO: Oprah & Ellen, A Cute Couple?

"Brace yourselves, kids, because on February 22nd, at 4pm, the world as you know it will come to an end: Oprah Winfrey will be appearing on rival talk show Ellen. Yes, it's incredible. It's so incredible, in fact, that producers have made two promotional commercials. Very special, indeed." Queerty

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VIDEO: Calvin Harris "Acceptable In The '80s"

Arjan Writes has more info on Calvin.


VIDEO FLASHBACK: The Cure "Friday I'm In Love"

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After Elton Interview With Kathy Griffin

Some consider her outrageous, while others consider her annoying. Both are descriptions Kathy Griffin graciously accepts as testaments to her successful career as a comedian. AFTER ELTON

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VIDEO: Meredith Vieira Dreams About Hugging Diane Sawyer In The Nude

Ricky Martin: Why I Gave Bush The Finger

"My convictions of peace and life go beyond any government and political agenda and as long as I have a voice onstage and offstage, I will always condemn war and those who promulgate it," Martin said about his action in an e-mail statement sent to The Associated Press via a spokesman. ABC NEWS

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Al Gore's “Live Earth” Concert Spectacular

Al Gore’s latest entertainment project. Titled “Live Earth”, the concerts are being organized by the same people behind “Live 8″ and will cover all seven continents; including Antarctica. Brrrr…. ecorazzi

Live Earth To Be Carbon Neutral, Model of Sustainable Entertainment

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Storm Leaves Hundreds Stranded on Highway

The last of hundreds of stranded motorists were freed but highways remained shut Friday as crews struggled to clear ice and snow following a monster storm that has been blamed for at least 22 deaths. AOL NEWS

Last Month Was the Hottest January Ever Worldwide 640 Toronto


Scientists Find Lakes Under Antarctica

Beneath the snow, ice and bitter cold of Antarctica, scientists have discovered a network of lakes that fill and empty with rapidly flowing water. ENN

More Evidence of Water Is Found on Mars

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First Real Photos of the Grand Canyon's Magnificent Glass Skywalk

The concept art for the Grand Canyon Skywalk was stunning. But the real glass pathway, jutting 70-feet out over the cliff edge, 3/4 of a mile over the river bed, promises to be far more so. What does it take to bring a project of this magnitude to life? GIZMODO

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AUDIO STREAM:Tracey Thorn "Grand Canyon" (Album Track)

Out of the Woods
Album Released March 20th & Available For Pre-Order Now!
Stream "Grand Canyon"
MySpace: Tracey Thorn
'Grand Canyon' and the closing 'Raise The Roof', two potential club hits in the waiting. –-Louis Pattison

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VIDEO FLASHBACK: Pet Shop Boys "Love Comes Quickly" (Live 1989)

Bush "money trumps peace"

U.S. President George Bush Wednesday admitted business interests may stand in the way of negotiations with Iran over its uranium enrichment program. PLAYFULS

Why is the Iranian Ammunition Industries Group's webpage in English?
via WRH

Hillary Clinton: “If the administration believes that any, any use of force against Iran is necessary, the president must come to Congress to seek that authority.


Bloggers: Cupid Is Stupid

Sappy Hallmark-Style Greetings Go Out Of Fashion Online -- In Are Anti-Valentine's Messages. CBS NEWS


The Cure Headline Ultra Music Festival in Miami - 3/23/07

As ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL, the nation's premiere electronic music extravaganza, rolls into its ninth year, its producers have announced it will expand into a two-day festival in addition to serving as the official closing festival for the Winter Music Conference. Set for Friday, March 23 and Saturday, March 24, 2007, UMF will return to downtown Miami's beautiful waterfront Bicentennial Park. Tickets are on sale now. Ultra Music Festival via WMC
Full List of WMC Parties: THE LIST

"Love Cats" (1984 TV)

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2nd Edwards Campaigner Quits

A day after Amanda Marcotte announced her departure from the John Edwards campaign, Melissa McEwan's offered her resignation. The girls, of course, came under fire after Catholic League President and onion dip hater Bill Donohue called them "foul-mouthed bigots" for comments on their personal blogs. QUEERTY

O'Reilly - John Edwards hires fanatical extremist staffers YouTube

Felons, But Not Gays
Aaron Belkin via Huffpo

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Florida Gov. Charlie Crist Against Funding Gay Marriage Foes

Florida Governor Charlie Crist today that the Republican Party should not spend any more money funding groups pushing for a proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage in that state. via TOWLEROAD

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VIDEO FLASHBACK: Frankie Goes To Hollywood " The Power of Love" (Remix)

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Happy Valentine's Day!


The Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality hearing scheduled for Wednesday, February 14, 2007, at 10:00 a.m. in room 2123 Rayburn House Office Building has been postponed due to inclement weather. The hearing is entitled “Climate Change: Are Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Human Activities Contributing to a Warming of the Planet?” via DRUDGE



VIDEO FLASHBACK: Thompson Twins "Watching" (1983)

Congress Wants To Monitor All E-Mails, IMs, Etc.

"Does this worry you? Good. It should. If this continues, it is an OUTRAGEOUS violation of our privacy and civil liberties. Read the full article and start contacting people immediately. Contact list at the bottom of the article." via Crooks & Liars


MTV videos to be available to all Internet users

In the next few months, Web users will be able to grab videos from nearly all MTV-owned sites and post them on their own blogs or Web sites, lessening the need to go to YouTube, the top online video service that Google Inc. acquired last year. REUTERS

MTV Layoffs: Half As Bad As Expected (Still Bad Though) GAWKER

MySpace to Implement Copyrighted Video Filtering
MySpace has licenced the filtering technology from Audible Magic, an acoustic fingerprinting company that acquired a video filtering technology called Motional Media ID™ in November. Motional Media was invented by David W. Stebbings, a Senior VP for Technology at the RIAA from 1995 through 2000. TECH CRUNCH

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"Happy Monday"

Valentines Surprise: Genetically Modified Roses

Through the wonders of genetic modification, Yoshi Tanaka of Suntory has engineered a blue rose that should be a hot item in 2010. TREEHUGGER

Valentine bouquets 'are bad for the planet'...

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VIDEO: Condi Rice "'Condilicious Definitious"



Worst President Ever?

"Much Ado About Edie"

"I don't think it's a co-incidence that this new interest in Edie has grown at the same time as reality TV and the 'Paris Hilton bratpack' of nouveaux celebs. Edie, not to put too fine a point on it, would never have shown her vagina while disembarking from a taxi. Edie was a pioneer of being famous simply for being famous and, as such, she is in a direct line to dear Miss Paris. The substantial difference between Edie and Paris is that Edie understood the Wildean concept of living one's life as art and consequently projected a celebrity that is still dazzling today. Edie did things, Paris just turns up places to collect a paycheck." Quote via The Hotel Chelsea Blog

VIDEO: Christina Aguilera’s Grammy Tribute To James Brown


Madonna Wins A Grammy For Best Electronic/Dance Album


VIDEO: Scissor Sisters "She's My Man"


VIDEO FLASHBACK: Doctor And The Medics "Spirit In The Sky" (1986)

Got Strange Clouds?

Many believe HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) located in Alaska, is at the heart of the chemtrail mystery. On their website HAARP states it is “a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes” AMERICAN CHRONICLE

Chemtrails and Spirituality American Chronicle

Chemtrails Responsible for Humans Erratic Behavior The Spoof (satire)

Cosmic rays blamed for global warming Telegraph UK

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CT's Over Fort Lauderdale (02/10/07)

Miami designer develops GPS shoes

An independent businessman from Miami has developed a pair of shoes with a built-in GPS sensor, which can be used to send a distress signal in case the wearer gets lost or cannot get to his cell phone. The shoes are planned to be available in March. TG DAILY

The SMS sending GPS Shoes

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Astronaut-Gone-Wild Incident Highlights 'Sex on Mars' Issue

There are taboos and there are taboos, but there are no bigger taboos in technology reporting than writing frankly about either politics or sex. Yet the latter, as spotlighted in this week's astronaut-gone-wild case involving Lisa Nowak, has clear implications for the arena which is this country's crowning technological achievement: Space flight. Info Week

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Now Playing "Factory Girl"

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Olivia Newton-John "Physical" (1981)

Albuquerque Named America's Fittest City

Albuquerque, which touts its recreation, including the 10,678-foot mountain and the forest that runs along the Rio Grande, was named the 13th-fittest city last year. GUARDIAN UK

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VIDEO: Rosie & The View Plugs "The Resistance Manifesto"

"where the light is"

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Missing Persons "Mental Hopscotch"

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O’Reilly cancelled from speaking at Missing Kids

"In response to the numerous e-mails and inquiries we have received, we are providing the following update regarding the Collier County, Florida branch fundraising dinner scheduled for March 9, 2007 in Naples, Florida. Bill O’Reilly, host of The O’Reilly Factor, will not be a speaker at the dinner." via Crooks & Liars


"Cat Clothing"

Mickey, a part Siamese cat, stays warm all bundled up in baby clothes with his owner Cindy Neff, on a frigid Thursday in Auburn, Maine. Chicago Tribune

Lawmakers Seek to Combat Use of Dog, Cat Fur in Clothing FOX News

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Rain dampens start of Japanese snow festival

Undaunted by unseasonably high temperatures and rain, the Sapporo Snow Festival, one of Japan's biggest tourist draws, opened with some of its famous snow sculptures slightly the worse for wear. REUTERS

Related: Upstate New York May Get Another Four Feet of Snow


On The Record: Building 7 Was Deliberately Brought Down

Two more ground zero emergency rescue personnel are on the record as stating they were told Building 7 was going to be brought down on 9/11 hours before its symmetrical implosion, completely contradicting the official explanation of accidental collapse. PRISON PLANET

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Gore Seeks Techological Solutions for a Few Inconvenient Truths

Former Vice President Al Gore joined airline tycoon Richard Branson today to announce a $25 million prize to the first person to come up with a way of scrubbing greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere in the battle to beat global warming. NYT

Branson celebrates with Blondie Digital Spy

UK wind power hits key milestone BBC News

The "Zero-Carbon" Luxury Beach Resort TREEHUGGER

Watt-up? Edison's light bulb could be on endangered list Planet Save

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'Doomsday' vault design unveiled

The final design for a "doomsday" vault that will house seeds from all known varieties of food crops has been unveiled by the Norwegian government. BBC

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Pentagon: Iraq Intel Manipulated For White House

Intelligence provided by former undersecretary of defense Douglas J. Feith to buttress the White House case for invading Iraq included "reporting of dubious quality or reliability" that supported the political views of senior administration officials rather than the conclusions of the intelligence community, according to a report by the Pentagon's inspector general. HuffPo


01.20.09 "The End of An Error"

The brain scan that can read people's intentions

A team of world-leading neuroscientists has developed a powerful technique that allows them to look deep inside a person's brain and read their intentions before they act. GUARDIAN UK


Video Premiere: The Killers "Read My Mind"

On Sunday, The Grammys Should Go Crazy

"if the music industry's equivalent of the Oscar Awards on Sunday night fails to honour two men by the names of Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo with a prize for Record of the Year, you know that the whimsical musicians who choose the winners should probably check into drug or alcohol rehab." PLAYFULS

"Crazy" (Live 2006)

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Album Review: Madonna – ‘The Confessions Tour - Live from London’ (CD+DVD)

Whatever you think of her, Madonna’s show is a real stunner. It has lots of dancers, videos, and special effects. A lot of money has been put into the stage show and it shows. M&C

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Lady Bunny Appearing At Georgie's Alibi - Wilton Manors, FL

MySpace: Lady Bunny

Georgie's Alibi

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100's of Sharks Spotted Near Palm Beach

Lifeguards say the shark invasion happens a few times a year, often in March. The sharks pass by every spring while migrating to their summer homes up North.Officials first spotted the sharks Wednesday morning and said there were less by the afternoon. They're hoping there will be even fewer later Thursday. FOX 6

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Cuba warns satellite TV pirates as US tries to use their dishes

The U.S. government strives mightily to stamp out intellectual property theft all over the world — except for Cuba, where it tries to broadcast anti-communist messages to any Cubans able to see U.S. programming through illegal satellite dishes.IHT


R.I.P. Anna Nicole

Anna Nicole Smith aka Vickie Lynn Hogan (November 28, 1967 - February 8, 2007[3]) was an American model, actress and buxom blonde celebrity, who first gained popularity as Playboy magazine's 1993 Playmate of the Year. Wikipedia

"she's another woman pimped by the entertainment industry - they find them (the list is long... Smith, Lohan, Spears... many many more), hook them up to the money sucking machine, use them... and then, when they're too old or too stoned (how can anyone live a life like that sober - what with all the leeches sucking off them, the tabloid photogs, etc...) and not able to produce (money for their handlers), they're cast aside." The Lone Gunman

Rosie Rants On Anna Nicole -- Hours Before Her Death...

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VIDEO: The Daily Show "Ralph Nader"

Jon's guest Ralph Nader author of The Seventeen Traditions . Ralph Nader on the Bush Administration. If my mother raised Georgie W. Bush we wouldn't be in Iraq... If my father raised little Dick Cheney he'd have a smile instead of a scowl. ONE GOOD MOVE has the clip.


Some places dealing with more than six-feet of snow

Some places dealing with more than six-feet of snow WLOS

West Virginia called snowplow drivers out of retirement Wednesday as snowstorms and arctic cold blamed for at least 16 deaths hung over much of the Midwest and East. CNN



Michigan court is first to ban benefits for gay partners

When a Michigan appeals court recently ruled that partners of gays and lesbians who work for government and state universities can't be covered by their partners' health insurance, gay rights advocates nationally became alarmed. DETROIT FREE PRESS

Related: John Edwards Won't Fire "Pro-gay" Bloggers

Congressman To Rice: "Military Seems More Afraid Of Gay People Than...Terrorists"

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Carolina UFO Sightings Continue: Strange Lights Spotted Again

A few weeks ago, strange blue lights filled the skies over Carolina and the sightings caused a frenzy of calls and reports to local authorities. There was no official explanation but at the time one report claimed the color could be an indication of the composition of the meteors streaking across the sky. NATIONAL LEDGER

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Best Evidence "Chemical Contrails"

Best Evidence "Chemical Contrails"Millions of people have seen them; jet aircraft vapor trails lingering in the sky. Are these just regular "contrails," the carbon and water vapor exhaust from commercial planes, or are they potentially toxic "chemical trails"?
New Air Date!
February 22nd on the Discovery Channel

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VIDEO FLASHBACK: Janet Jackson "What Have You Done For Me Lately" (Grammy Awards 1987)

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Parking Crunch for Limos at Grammys

There could be a sour note for the 600 limousines ferrying the music industry's best to the downtown Staples Center for Sunday's Grammy Awards. AP


How come Prince didn't get electrocuted at the Super Bowl?

Sunday's big game between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears marked the first-ever rainy Super Bowl. Prince's high-tech halftime show had viewers and critics raving, but all that equipment and rain looked like an electrocution waiting to happen. How do you keep soaking-wet performers from getting shocked? SLATE

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VIDEO: See TomKat Shimmy On Miami Beach

CNN Champions Pelosi Smear, Covers False Washington Times Story Six Days Straight

Last month, when a right-wing publication smeared Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), CNN helped debunk the report and called out media outlets that ran with the false story. Anderson Cooper told viewers: “That’s the difference between talking about news and reporting it. You send a reporter, check the facts, and you decide at home.THINK PROGRESS

I received this email from Lou Dobbs:



Support the Troops? Sure. Save our Soldiers by Killing our Slogans

Every so often the slogan slinging of American political rhetoric reaches a high which threatens to breech the levees of common sense, and send us flailing about in raw sewerage waiting for rescue. SHERMAN YELLEN via HuffPo


Making an Example of Ehren Watada

The people running the Iraq War are eager to make an example of Ehren Watada. They've convened a kangaroo court-martial. But the man on trial is setting a profound example of conscience - helping to undermine the war that the Pentagon's top officials are so eager to protect. TRUTH OUT

It would appear that the Pentagon is trying to make an example out of Lt. Watada. Yesterday, the prosecution called their first witness, Lt. Col. Antonio (Battalion Commander for Lt. Watada), who then proceeded to make the case for Watada.

Support Lt. Watada

The past four months have been the bloodiest four months for US troops. via Randi Rhodes

Military Wants More Civilians to Help in Iraq NY TIMES

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Chris Matthews drops the “F” bomb

Chris Matthews let one fly this morning on IMUS. Crooks & Liars