Scientists Closer To Steering Hurricanes (But There’s a Caveat)

Remember back in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans? Immediately afterward we were all told by those in the know that because of global warming this was going to become the norm and that raging, Katrina-like storms would be routinely ravaging the United States and other hurricane prone areas like never before.

Never mind that what had once been a Category 5 hurricane was only Category 3 when it made landfall. And never mind all the special conditions peculiar to the city of New Orleans which contributed to the destruction, such as nearly half the city’s land being below sea level and the failure of badly designed and sometimes substandardly constructed levees. A report by the American Society of Civil Engineers earlier this year said that two thirds of the flooding could have been avoided if the levees had held. Continued... Blogger News Network