California wildfires: Those who bash Californians need to grow up

In reading all of these diatribes, one person who lives in California had this to add, "I can't believe ignorant people are posting and bashing Californians, don’t you fools know that wildfires do not discriminate? Rich neighborhoods, average neighborhoods, and poor neighbors from Santa Barbara to San Diego are being burned to the ground. I'll say it again, the fire does not discriminate. I'm a native Californian, born and raised in So Cal all my life. Wildfires are fairly common down here, but these ones are bad-- the worst I've ever seen. Everyone in So Cal is effected one way or another-- whether it be by the flames or smoke. I go to college in Orange County and our classes are cancelled because of it. This is bad...and the only thing that can help is a shift in the weather." OpEdNews

California-A Victim of Climate Change

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