Fort Lauderdale Journal: A Mayor Stands by His Comments, and Gay Advocates Stand Against Him

Mr. Naugle, a six-term mayor in this city that draws legions of gay tourists and residents, went on to tell a local newspaper that he preferred the word “homosexual” to “gay” because he believed many gay people were “unhappy.” Soon after, he criticized a plan to house a private gay book collection in a public library because it contained pornography. Continued... NYT

"The Mayor insults everyone who lives or works, or visits Fort Lauderdale. Not just the gay population, or straight working middle class, or homeless and poor, or any other minority that just happens to be different than him that he's decided to target. His intentions are not of working to better Fort Lauderdale, but just his next position in life after this term ends. Along the way he could very well cost everyone who lives in the area a great deal." Jeff Black
UNITE Fort Lauderdale

Queer eye for the mayor guy Sun-Sentinel

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