VIDEO: Melissa Etheridge "Imagine That" (Live Earth 7.7.07)

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"Melissa Etheridge completely rocked the house in New York. Mixing environmental demonstration, war protest and a celebration of American Freedom and the American Dream she absolutely ignited the audience." RICHMOND DEMOCRAT

View most of the Live Earth performances here:

via the Randi Rhodes Message Board
I don't think it's an accident that two of the most vocal people in this country right now are lesbians. Being gay has made Melissa and Rosie fearless. I don't think it's an accident that the progressive and liberal straight voices who are speaking out against the war and saving the planet are friendly to the gay community either. I think the gay community offers a role model for living your life with honesty, integrity and not based on fear.

I have met many LGBT people with Melissa's courage and forthrightness. Melissa Etheridge is just the tip of the iceberg of courageous gays. The incredible work and talent of gay activists and scholars around the country goes un-noticed, but they are paving the way for the future."

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