VIDEO FLASHBACK: Junior Vasquez "If Madonna Calls" (1996)

While the male vocal "If Madonna calls, I'm not here." originated on a 1992 release by an unrelated artist and was similarly sampled in the less-known "What We Need" by Sam Traxx ("UMM EP", 1995), Vasquez reportedly produced & released his own version after Madonna failed to show up for a surprise performance at one of Junior's parties held at legendary New York City club "Tunnel" at the last second. Although never confirmed, Madonna seemingly did not approve of Junior's actions, ending their professional relationship on bad terms. Rumors of a professional reconciliation have circulated for years, as Vasquez has continued to remix Madonna's music with which he seems to have a special affinity and an unparalleled talent for remixing. Nonetheless, such a reconciliation is reported to be unlikely according to Madonna's longtime rep Liz Rosenberg, who in a June 2003 news story in New York Magazine said “I can assure you that Madonna will never work with Junior again.”via WIKIPEDIA

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