Yesterday, Randi Rhodes's neighborhood became a war zone. An underground explosion ripped through Lexington Avenue causing people to evacuate their office buildings and apartments covered in mud and blood. Oceans of people began pouring out into the streets running for their lives, crying, shaking and fleeing a geyser of boiling hot steam, mud and rocks that were being hurled around at tornado force.

This was NOT terrorism. It was a 24" steam pipe that exploded during yesterday's rush hour.

New Yorkers remember 9/11 all too clearly but even before we knew what was happening to us, people were helping each other, giving information to each other in a weird game of "street telephone". Doormen and office security calmly evacuated their buildings accounting for everyone inside and of course our police and firefighters were amazing and FAST! What a city!

Asbestos Found In Dust Released By NYC Steam Explosion

Hustler’s Larry Flynt ready to drop a dime on another Senator linked to DC madam.

Love Child for David Vitter?

via The Randi Rhodes Show

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