FOX News' Bill O'Reilly Website Threatens Life of Hillary Clinton

Fox News and Bill O'Reilly have been threatening corporations like JetBlue that sponsor the YearlyKos convention, telling their viewers that DailyKos is a "hate site." JetBlue caved and wrote a public letter, echoing that DailyKos is a "hate site." SEEING THROUGH THE FOREST

Challenged to "spin" his way out, O'Reilly just lies NEWS HOUNDS

O’Reilly cuts Hall’s mic to get the last word about’s HATE comments Crooks & Liars

Worst Person in the World: Ann Coulter, Runner Up Bill-O
July 26: In her latest column she writes, “Fox News ought to buy a copy of Monday's Democrat debate on CNN to play over and over during the general election campaign," because it was so filled with "liberal conspiracy theories.”

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