VIDEO: Transgendered Code Pink protester joined the Valerie Plame hearing

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"There's a Code Pink tranny in an IMPEACH BUSH t-shirt and matching pillbox hat behind Valerie Plame during her testimony! Work it out, sister thang! Her name's Midge Potts and "she's" a vet from Missouri." LADY BUNNY
Midge Potts (born Mitchell Eugene Potts) is a transgendered peace activist, and a Persian Gulf War veteran who served aboard the USS Yosemite. She unsuccessfully ran for Missouri’s 7th District Congressional seat as a Republican in 2006. She is now active in Code Pink Women for Peace, a feminist anti-war group that started in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq. It seeks “positive social change through creative protest, non-violent direct action, and community involvement. JOCKOHOMO

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