Gen. Pace Calls Gays "Immoral" But Killing Innocent People In Iraq Is OK?

According to Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, which promptly sent out a press release condemning Pace's comments, an estimated 65,000 gays currently serve in the military. Pace's comments are "outrageous, insensitive and disrespectful," says executive director C. Dixon Osburn. via QUEERTY

You Can't Support Troops Waging An Unjust War! WHOSE WAR? WHOSE TROOPS?
U.S. troops flattened the city of Falluja, driving virtually the entire population out in order to take the city back from the those resisting the U.S. occupation. They routinely call in air strikes on Iraqi villages and urban areas, killing innocent Iraqis. U.S. troops set up checkpoints and raid people's homes, subjecting people to harassment and brutality on a regular basis. While carrying out this occupation, some U.S. troops have raped Iraqi women and just outright murdered people. What about any of this deserves the support of anybody who opposes this unjust war? INDY BAY

AmericaBlog notes: "I'd say 'immoral' is letting our own injured and maimed soldiers sleep in their own urine when you all knew about it and didn't give a damn. Immoral is lying to the American people in order to get us into a war. Immoral is sending hundreds of thousands of US soldiers into battle without the proper armor. Immoral is risking the lives of our soldiers by still not having a plan for victory or exit."

Pace in Italian means Peace.

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