R.I.P. Anna Nicole

Anna Nicole Smith aka Vickie Lynn Hogan (November 28, 1967 - February 8, 2007[3]) was an American model, actress and buxom blonde celebrity, who first gained popularity as Playboy magazine's 1993 Playmate of the Year. Wikipedia

"she's another woman pimped by the entertainment industry - they find them (the list is long... Smith, Lohan, Spears... many many more), hook them up to the money sucking machine, use them... and then, when they're too old or too stoned (how can anyone live a life like that sober - what with all the leeches sucking off them, the tabloid photogs, etc...) and not able to produce (money for their handlers), they're cast aside." The Lone Gunman

Rosie Rants On Anna Nicole -- Hours Before Her Death...

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