A history of hurricanes in New York

Statistically, the New York area is hit by one of these monster storms every 75 years or so. New York Metro

Hog Island: Wikipedia

Space Shuttle Cleared for Saturday Launch in Florida

Mission managers cleared shuttle Discovery and its crew of seven for launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Saturday. Liftoff is scheduled for 3:49 p.m. EDT. RED ORBIT

New lemurs discovered!

Mouse lemurs are the world's smallest primates, and found only on the peculiar island nation of Madagascar. SPLOID

Record Hammerhead Shark Was Pregnant

The likely world-record hammerhead shark caught in May weighed 1,280 pounds because it was pregnant with 55 pups -- the most scientists have ever seen. WFTV

Remember When...

Image Courtesy Of: The Psychotic Patriot

Ex-Gay Whacks A Pillow, Caresses George Foreman On Television

Remember kooky Richard Cohen, the guy who teaches you to "cure" your homosexuality by beating a pillow with a tennis racket and lying down on his sweaty lap? Well, he's back on television, this time on Jimmy Kimmel Live, trying to show the world how easy it is to be straight. Kimmel's other guest, George Foreman, plays a role in Cohen's demonstrations and looks visibly disturbed by his crazy antics. Queerty


JetBlue, Continental top customer-satisfaction ratings

JetBlue not only led J.D. Power’s ratings for low-cost carriers, but it also earned the best score among all airlines. USA TODAY

NEWSWEEK: A Web Design Dozen "Twelve sites that define cool"

VIDEO FLASHBACK: The Smiths "How Soon Is Now"

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Big GM investor urges Nissan-Renault alliance

One of the largest investors in General Motors Corp. on Friday urged the world’s largest automaker to consider a three-way partnership with Nissan Motor Corp. and Renault, sending shares of GM up sharply. MSNBC

Ford Drops Focus on Hybrids, Shifts to Biofuels

In a sharp shift of strategy, Ford Motor Co. plans to focus less on hybrid technology and more on a wider range of alternatives to traditional gasoline-powered engines. ENN


Sierra Club Sues Pentagon Over Wind Farm

The Sierra Club sued the Department of Defense on Wednesday, saying its failure to complete a key study has stopped construction of more than a dozen wind farms in the Midwest. Common Dreams

Gore: "Bush Is Insulated

-His Staff Smiles A Lot And Only Give Him The News That He Wants To Hear"... HuffPo

Calif. city weighs Bush-Cheney impeachment

Some cities, including San Francisco and Oakland, have passed resolutions calling for impeachment, but supporters say Berkeley would be the first city asking voters to decide. Yahoo News

National Guard to miss deadline for border mission

National Guard officials say they probably won't reach the 25-hundred target until early to mid-July. KLTV


Video: Rice, Russian diplomat argue 'in private'

Audio of a closed lunch meeting between Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was accidentally broadcast revealing a disagreement about Iraq Security. RAW STORY


The Hidden General

Stan McChrystal runs 'black ops.' Don't pass it on.

No one would have mentioned his name at all if President George W. Bush hadn't singled him out in public. NEWSWEEK


Sugar Bush Squirrel 'The Superstar Squirrel'

Sugar Bush loves to dress up, and has over 1,000 outfits with matching hats and accessories. Official Web Site


Launched in 2004, Metromint single-handedly created a new beverage category called mintwater and already has a loyal following. METROMINT

Top Five Green Cities

Five cities whose green leadership sets the bar for sustainability. Sierra Club News

Fourth of July Events and Fireworks Around The Nation

The biggest bash of the summer is just around the corner! Find fireworks in or around your city. AOL City Guide

Supreme Court rules against Bush over Guantanamo tribunals

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that President George W. Bush overstepped his authority in denying terror war detainees civilian trials... RAW STORY

Net neutrality amendment dies Telecommunications bill goes to Senate without provision sought by Web firms

Phone and cable companies have lobbied for a free hand in setting fees for preferred delivery, saying it will cost billions to beef up their Internet wires and, unless they can charge the content companies, consumers will foot the bill. SF Chron

Fool me once, fool me twice

Remember October 2002 and Iraq? So much has happened since then that it seems like ancient history. Or at least that is what the Bush administration would like to have the public think. ASIA TIMES via WRH


VIDEO FLASHBACK: Propaganda "Duel"

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KTLK/1150 AM is celebrating "Miller High Life" these days after the news that – in the talk-show universe – Stephanie Miller's 6-9 a.m. weekday show is No. 2 behind KFI/640 AM's Bill Handel in the Los Angeles-Orange County Arbitron ratings. WYD Media


VIDEO: The Swiftboating of Murtha

Why would anyone smear Jack Murtha? Keith Olbermann clears it up for us. Crooks & Liars

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Jack Cafferty Is "Not Some Hair-Sprayed, Programmed Anchorette," That's For Sure

Cafferty says "he considers himself an equal opportunity detractor, one not wedded to an ideology. Media Bistro

VIDEO: Bob Sinclair "World Hold On"

Monday July 3rd sees the release of the new single “World Hold On” by the International superstar DJ supreme Bob Sinclar. This will be followed by the release of his new album “ Western Dream” on Monday July 10th. Contact Music

AUDIO: Falwell on the "moral pervert[s]" in Hollywood:

Criticizing what he deemed the immorality of Hollywood during his June 25 televised sermon, Jerry Falwell, founder and chairman of the Moral Majority Coalition, declared, "You know, you almost got to be a homosexual to be recognized in the entertainment industry anymore." Media Matters


Macho, Macho Man

Don't get distracted by the erectness of President Bush. It's all for show. by Paul Waldman,


AUDIO: Rush avoids the question…

"I can’t be sure this was broadcast to all of his radio afiliates, but I can tell you that I recorded this from the live-feed from his website." Calling All Wingnuts

VIDEO: "Shooting Star"

"To blatantly steal from Kathy Griffin - How much fun is the Star Jones meltdown? It’s sooooo delightful." MALCONTENT


VIDEO: On The D-List "Aunt Kathy"

Efforts Underway to Save Laguna's Boom Boom Room

The centerpiece of Laguna Beach's gay community, the longstanding Boom Boom Room nightclub, will close in September when its lease runs out unless a petition drive by Laguna resident Fred Karger can save the business. TOWLEROAD


VIDEO FLASHBACK: Paul Lekakis "Boom Boom"

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VIDEO: "Superman Returns" CBS NEWS On Logo

Interview with Brandon Routh about playing Superman and his new found stardom. Logo Online

VIDEO FLASHBACK: A Flock Of Seagulls "Space Age Love Song"

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UFO research: Findings vs. facts

For decades now, eyes and sky have met to witness the buzzing of our world by Unidentified Flying Objects, termed UFOs or simply flying saucers. Extraterrestrials have come a long way to purportedly share the friendly skies with us. CNN

Mysterious Lunar Swirls Stump Scientists

They seem to be curly-cues of pale moondust, twisting and turning across the lunar surface for dozens of miles. Each swirl is utterly flat and protected by a magnetic field. RED ORBIT

Arming the Heavens

"The weaponization of space, may represent the greatest and most urgent danger for the future and the survival of our civilization." The Tyee via RENSE

Heavy Rains Trigger State of Emergency in US Capital

Outside Washington, more than 2,000 people were evacuated overnight in Montgomery County, Maryland, because a dam threatens to burst. VOA


Wave Clouds Over Cedar Rapids

What did the Iowa weather people say about the clouds? EARTH FRENZY RADIO

Smart cars coming to U.S.

DaimlerChrysler is set to bring the fuel-efficient subcompact Smart car brand to the United States in 2007. CNN

This week TreeHuggerTV gets the inside track on "Who Killed the Electric Car?"


Inhabit Wall Flats: Bamboo Growing Up the Wall

A great way to bring some life to your boring white walls, these wall flats by Inhabit have peel-and-stick adhesive tabs, automatic pattern repeat, and (perhaps the coolest part) are made of 100% bamboo pulp. TREEHUGGER


Mother Nature Attacking D.C.

The elm tree that fell on the White House lawn Sunday night that some date back to Andrew Johnson and others to Theodore Roosevelt, is featured on the $20 bill. TOWLEROAD

Top Scientists Give “An Inconvenient Truth” Five Stars For Accuracy...

The former vice president's movie — replete with the prospect of a flooded New York City, an inundated Florida, more and nastier hurricanes, worsening droughts, retreating glaciers and disappearing ice sheets — mostly got the science right, said all 19 climate scientists who had seen the movie or read the book and answered questions from The Associated Press. HuffPo

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Thompson Twins "Lies" (Remix Version)

VIDEO: "Fooled Ya Once"

Jon Stewart's Daily Show exposes the Bush Administration's War on Terror as a tool of fear. Seven dipshits in a warehouse prepared to wage a full ground war against the United States, right! ONE GOOD MOVE

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Kathy Griffin shares her view from the D-List

On her politics: "I'm not even a Democrat anymore. I'm so (bleeping) far to the left that I'm a Sandinista. I'm actually for, like, gun control during gay marriage."

On CNN's Anderson Cooper: "I love that Anderson Cooper covered Katrina in Prada. He's like, 'I'm up to my knees in human feces, in Prada.'"
Detroit Free Press

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Need A Cooker? Use Your Cell Phone

L.A. 9/11 Truth Conference Gets Fair Media Play

Conference a huge success, C-SPAN to air segments this week. Prison Planet


Huge Asteroid to Fly Past Earth July 3

An asteroid possibly as large as a half-mile or more in diameter is rapidly approaching the Earth. There is no need for concern, for no collision is in the offing, but the space rock will make an exceptionally close approach to our planet early on Monday. Space.Com

Robots read your mind!

The new "empathic" robots will be displayed for the amusement of humans at the Royal Society summer science exhibition in London next week. SPLOID

Bush's Baghdad Palace

It will be near as big as the Vatican and totally self-sufficient. Currently, it's the best, on-schedule, Halliburton-contracted construction site in Baghdad and all of Iraq. MEO



Bush Ignores Science, Claims ‘There Is A Debate’ Over The Cause of Global Warming

This morning, President Bush was asked whether he believed global warming was a “real and significant threat to the planet.” Bush claimed there is still a real debate over the cause of global warming. Watch it. Think Progress


Egokast Video Belt Buckle

Give ‘em The High-Tech Finger with Driv-e-mocion

Driv-e-mocion is the perfect device for the ultimate lazy aggressive driver. GIZMODO

New Company to Produce Biodiesel From Algae

Producing biodiesel from algae has been touted as the most efficient way to make biodiesel fuel. TREEHUGGER

Las Vegas drivers go green as first biodiesel pumps open for business

Storms, floods, mudslides tie up D.C. area

District of Columbia officials urged everyone to avoid the downtown area. Yahoo News

VIDEO: Rain, Rain, Won't Go Away for East ABC

Congressional Hopeful Blames Troubles on the Devil

Republican congressional hopeful John Jacob believes the devil is impeding his efforts to unseat five-term Rep. Chris Cannon. KSL via WRH


AUDIO: Heaven 17 "Don't Fear The Reaper" / "Deeper & Deeper"

VIDEO WEBCAST: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Live press conference and Q&A session in New York, NY with Warren Buffett, Melinda Gates and Bill Gates. Click To View

AM 970 Portland Adds Stephanie Miller In The Morning

6-9AM PT - “Stephanie Miller’s show is smart and funny and she has this incredible knack for taking current events and making them thoroughly entertaining,” RADIO INK


Murtha says America poses top threat to world peace!

Murtha was the guest speaker at a town hall meeting organized by U.S. Rep. Kendrick B. Meek, D-Miami, at Florida International University. Sun Sentinel

VIDEO: Murtha, Meek Question US Iraq Policy At FIU Meeting

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Put Afghanistan on the list of Bush foreign policy disasters

No surprise to anyone who follows the news -- although it's probably a surprise to the Bush White House -- Afghanistan is a mess. The country is spiraling out of control: AMERICAblog

VIDEO: Feingold Hammers Bush/Cheney

Senator Feingold was at his best Sunday morning in an interview with Tim Russert on NBC's Meet the Press. Crooks & Liars

Russert Watch: Come On, People. Admit It. Senator Feingold Is the Real Deal for '08 HuffPo


Gay Pride Parades Held Across Country...

Hundreds of thousands of raucous parade-goers took to the streets from New York to San Francisco on Sunday for annual gay pride parades, just weeks after an attack on a popular gay singer in New York and the 25th anniversary of the start of the AIDS epidemic. HuffPo

Gay Muslims Seek Lesbians For Wives In ‘Marriages Of Convenience'...



VIDEO CLASSIC: Ultra Nate "Free"

Review: "George Michael: A Different Story"

The long-awaited documentary about the international pop star's life is doing the film festival circuit. Read the review and watch the trailer for "George Michael: A Different Story" now. 365 Gay

George Michael - A Different Story YouTube (Trailer)

RELATED: The secrets behind Pride songs"I'm Coming Out," "I Will Survive" and "Beautiful" are gay Pride classics, but what do the songs really mean? Take a look: We think you'll be surprised . . .




Some 200 people holding torches form the peace sign in front of Prague Castle to protest against the war in Iraq. (Friday

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Cheney And Bush, Sittin' In a Tree

Bank Data Secretly Reviewed By Bush Admin. Without Warrants Or Subpoenas...

Under a secret Bush administration program initiated weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks, counterterrorism officials have gained access to financial records from a vast international database and examined banking transactions involving thousands of Americans and others in the United States, according to government and industry officials. HuffPo

Wachovia Exposes Latest Card Fraud, But More Banks Likely Ensnared Digital Transactions

New Bankruptcy Law Will Not Protect You from Identity Theft EZ Articles

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Kool And The Gang "Too Hot" (Live)


After brief respite, a threat of more flooding in northern Ohio

A second round of severe storms battered northern Ohio Thursday as crews and homeowners began cleaning flood damage Thursday from up to 10 inches of rain that already has fallen. USA TODAY

Earth hottest it's been in 2,000 years Yahoo News

Global warming stoked '05 hurricanes, study says McPaper


Niagra Falls

The startling blue/green colour of the Niagara River is a visible tribute to the erosive power of water. An estimated 60 tons of dissolved minerals are swept over Niagara Falls every minute. Niagra Parks Canada

81-year-old man arrested for smuggling marijuana

Customs and border officials have arrested an 81-year-old Canadian man they say was trying to smuggle 168 pounds of marijuana into the United States. NBC3

Beijing Cracks Down On Drug Use By Banning Disco...


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U.S. captures the Unknown Terrorist

The terror kabuki continues today with the Army's announcement that they have yet again captured a "senior al Qaeda cell leader," but they haven't yet figured this new villain's name, despite having captured him on Monday. SPLOID

Another Phony Terror Raid This Time From the Big Brother Police State in America:

"Here we go folks the master propagandists of terror are at it again this time in good ole America! On the heels of the two phony terror raids that took place in the UK and Canada recently we now have this fake terror raid that took place in America yesterday specifically Liberty City in Miami, Florida." Global Awakening

Terrorist Life Imitates Art: Did Miami Terror Cell Watch HBO's "Sleeper Cell"?; Wanted to Bomb Miami Heat Parade Debbie Schlussel

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VIDEO: Kathy Griffin In Iraq "She Really Killed Out There"

VIDEO: Katrina Plus Ten Months

Over 7,200 family dwellings sit empty throughout New Orleans. No, not FEMA trailers. TruthOut.Org


VIDEO: The Daily Show "Anderson Cooper" 6.21.06

'Thirst for knowledge' may be opium craving

The brain's reward for getting a concept is a shot of natural opiates. Eurekalert via Sploid


San Fran fave DJ Earworm puts his keen, all-over-the-map, taste to the test here with subtle precision. POPBYTES

Study Says Earth's Temp at 400-Year High

A panel of top climate scientists told lawmakers that the Earth is running a fever and that "human activities are responsible for much of the recent warming." Brietbart

Happy Birthday Cyndi Lauper!

"Hey Now (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)"
Performed by Cyndi Lauper, Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Wynona Judd, Amy Grant and Destiny's Child

Superman Is...

VIDEO: Larry King "The Democratic women of the Senate"

Larry King talked with the nine Democratic female senators about their agenda for the country's future. CNN VIDEO

Radiohead Gig Marred By Presence of George W Bush' Daughter

Radiohead singer Thom Yorke was not happy when he learnt one of George Bush's daughters was at his band's New York concert. TIL

VIDEO: "There There" From the "Hail To The Thief" CD.

China Pleased After Watching U.S. Wargames

Chinese military observers said Thursday that observing U.S. military exercises in the Pacific this week gave them a better understanding of U.S. weapons and tactics. Forbes

VIDEO: "Their Lives Are More Than A Number"

Ava Lowery via Crooks & Liars
Check out her website for more videos.


Army raises enlistment age to 42

“Experience has shown that older recruits who can meet the physical demands of Army service generally make excellent Soldiers. They are mature, motivated, loyal and patriotic, and bring with them a wealth of skills and experience to our Army,” said Col. Donald Bartholomew, U.S. Army Recruiting Command Assistant Chief of Staff, G5. Army News Service

VIDEO: Cher backs effort to modify soldiers' helmets

Cher, who opposes the war in Iraq but supports the troops, says using her celebrity to promote effective helmets for U.S. soldiers is rewarding -- and "the right thing to do." CNN VIDEO

"If I could Turn Back Time"


Huge WMD Discovery in Iraq? Not So Fast...

Rightwing bloggers are in a frenzy over Rick Santorum's claim that 500 weapons munitions containing degraded mustard or sarin nerve agent were found in Iraq. The Daou Report/Salon

Santorum debunked by Colmes over WMD's Crooks & Liars Video

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Author Jerome Corsi filed a Freedom of Information Act request yesterday asking for full disclosure of the activities of an office implementing a trilateral agreement with Mexico and Canada that apparently could lead to a North American union, despite having no authorization from Congress.
Corsi believes President Bush effectively agreed to erase U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada when he signed the SPP. World Net Daily

Goodbye USA, Hello North American Union? Israel National News

LOU DOBBS: You know, I was asked the other day about whether or not I really thought the American people had the stomach to stand up and stop this nonsense, this direction from a group of elites, an absolute contravention of our law, of our Constitution, every national value.

GOP do-nothinger blocks renewal of Voting Rights Act

I guess it’s consistent with their overall policy of vote suppression, especially where colored folk are involved: Martini Republic


VIDEO: Britney's Dateline "SPOOF" Interview - PART 2

"Change For Change" Donations Due Friday

The Randi Rhodes Show has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild the Katrina ravaged Gulf Coast, one home at a time. TRRS

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VIDEO FLASHBACK: Gary Numan "Cars"

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Southern San Andreas Fault Waiting to 'Explode'?

The southern end of the San Andreas fault near Los Angeles, which has been still for more than two centuries, is under immense stress and could produce a massive earthquake at any moment, a scientist said on Wednesday. RED ORBIT

Discovery Times to air "Addicted to Oil" documentary

Thomas Friedman recently disqualified himself for any future runs at heading up the General Motors fan club, but now he's going to host a new Discovery Times documentary called "Addicted to Oil". AUTO BLOG

Lego Group moving operations from USA to Mexico

Lego Group, makers of legendary iconic plastic building blocks have said that they are cutting 1,200 jobs at a time when kids prefer to play with electronic gadgets rather than building blocks. TECHWHACK

GOP Leaders: No Immigration Bill This Year

In a defeat for President Bush, Republican congressional leaders said Tuesday that broad immigration legislation is all but doomed for the year. MyWay

Senate defeats Democrats minimum wage increase

The US Senate on Wednesday defeated a proposal pushed by Democrats to raise the federal minimum wage in increments from $5.15 to $7.25. Reuters

Bill Maher's new stage

Earlier this month, the comedian made his Internet programming debut with "Amazon Fishbowl with Bill Maher," a 30-minute weekly TV-style show that airs on CNN

Hawking "very worried about global warming."

He said he was afraid that Earth "might end up like Venus, at 250 degrees centigrade and raining sulfuric acid." China Daily via The Drudge Report


VIDEO FLASHBACK: David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust" (LIVE 1973)


Visitors from another world?

SPLOID: Ohio sky mystery
The people of Central Ohio's Tuscarawas Valley were terrorized by bright, booming objects in the sky early Monday morning.

UFO Dazzles Lake Tahoe Residents Tahoe Valley Tribune via Rense

'UFO Hacker' Tells What He Found Wired News

8:20am -- Move Over, Roswell ABQ Journal

Kathy Griffin takes advantage of her D-list status

Kathy Griffin is not, repeat not, losing her bite. A recent trip to Iraq, however, took the comedian outside her normally snark-infested waters, distracting her from her usual catty celebrity asides while she visited, encouraged and laughed with the troops. TENNESSEAN.Com

VIDEO: Kathy Hosts A "Gay Bingo Night" At Hamburger Mary's In West Hollywood

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Bush's Visit to Vienna Is Marked by Protests

Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Vienna today carrying banners reading "World's No. 1 Terrorist," a reference to Mr. Bush, whose policies on Iraq remain hugely unpopular here. NYT

Cindy Sheehan speaks to leftist protesters in downtown Vienna, Austria on Wednesday.


Troops echo frustration over war in Iraq

"I would like them out of there," said Bonnie Shable, 53, whose husband, Army Sgt. 1st Class James Shable, served in Vietnam and Iraq and returned home with the battalion this week. "I think we've done what we're going to do over there and it's time for everybody to come home." Yahoo News


Warmongers suck at war

Unsatisfied by three years of irrefutable headlines, scientists recently set out to determine just how good certain folks are at waging war. Not surprisingly, arrogant, macho buffoons love to wage war but are really bad at doing so. SPLOID

Limbaugh "they (liberals) are happy that these two soldiers got tortured."

Angelina Jolie indirectly criticized the Iraq war and the priorities of the US government

"We're missing a lot of opportunities (to do) a lot of good that America used to do and has a history of doing ... You have to start to notice that there's something wrong with that," she added. Brietbart


Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Parade

The theme this year is “Dream” and will feature more than 1,000 parade participants, complete with extravagant floats, whimsical costumes and creatively choreographed dancing ensembles. Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sun worshipers celebrate Stonehenge summer solstice

England -- About 17,000 people from druids to New Agers defied the weather at Britain's ancient Stonehenge stone circle on Wednesday to celebrate the sun rising on the longest day of the year. MET

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Army of Lovers "Let the Sunshine In"



'Frontline' examines Cheney's battle with CIA after 9/11

"Frontline" asserts that Cheney, who has the largest staff of any vice president in history, made a frontal assault on the CIA and said his office was going to analyze the intelligence data itself. The documentary talks with CIA personnel who said the message was clear that "Cheney wanted evidence that Iraq was a threat." Courier-Journal

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VIDEO FLASHBACK: Stacey Q "We Connect"


XM Developing A Crank-Powered Satellite Radio

As part of XM Satellite Radio's expanded EAS initiative, XM is also working to develop a crank-powered satellite radio receiver that would allow listeners to receive signal during power outages. So during emergency situations where terrestrial radio networks are down and cell phone networks are rendered useless, you'll be able to receive emergency notices without any power source. TREEHUGGER

Apple to Offer Movies Via iTunes

Reports say that Apple Computer is in active negotiations with most Hollywood studios to offer movie downloads via its popular iTunes Music Store. TECHTREE

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Netflix Box Coming Soon (??)

Netflix is hard at work on a downloadable movie set-top box that will allows users to download and watch movies without DVDs. GIZMODO

AUDIO: CNN's Jack Cafferty On The Stephanie Miller Show (6/20/06)

Dubai Company Still Controlling 22 American Ports...

The Huffington Post has the Lou Dobbs transcript from June 19, 2006.

Bahrain Tourism

Bahrain, a group of 33 islands, with an area of 707 square kilometres, is situated in the Arabian Gulf, off the east coast of Saudi Arabia. Arabic is the official language, although English is widely understood and it's used by most businesses. More Info

Strong waves hit Central American coast

Hugh Cobb, a meteorologist with the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, said the waves were caused by a strong South Pacific storm that was sending up to 12-foot (4-meter) swells across the Pacific, affecting coastlines from Ecuador's Galapagos Islands to the Mexican resort of Acapulco. CNN

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VIDEO: Countdown "DC to Hollywood"

Former Vice President Al Gore joined 'Countdown' host Keith Olbermann for a live interview to discuss his global-warming documentary and the 2008 political picture. MSNBC

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Chief of Staff Josh Bolten Loves Key West & The Theatre

Do you know many St8 -unmarried (never married) men aged 40's - low 50's whom own homes in Provincetown, Fire Island and Key West? Queerty

Pentagon says gays are nuts

MARGARET CHO'S "The Sensuous Woman"

Proceeds to benefit the Ali Forney Center for LGBT Youth and the Fun in the Sun Foundation. PRESENTED BY JOSH WOOD PRODUCTIONS