Iraq: Leave Or Be Forced Out

George W. Bush continues to use the rhetorical device of linking the occupation of Iraq with the war on terrorism, warning in his most recent press conference that “the terrorists would take control of Iraq” if the U.S. withdrew its forces. But for many politicians and pundits the argument that has kept them supporting the occupation is that withdrawing too soon would make sectarian violence even worse. This argument for continued occupation is not based on the real political-military situation in Iraq, and it is important to understand why. Gareth Porter via Tom Paine

At least 69 Americans have died in Iraq already in October!

The GOP propaganda machine is now in high gear defending their filthy oil war… - Chimpy has resorted to courting racists and lying propagandists like Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity in the Oval Office!

Cheney goes on Limbaugh’s show to say things are great.

Bush on goes on O’Reilly’s show to blame the media (the same media that barely tells us that we are at war) via TRRS