Endgame coming, ready or not

The signs of eroding support for Bush's "stay-the-course" strategy are virtually everywhere in Washington, where senior Republicans, such as the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John Warner, are moving into open revolt against what they see as a rapidly deteriorating situation and Bush's bullheadedness in still believing that Iraq will somehow become a model for democratic transformation in the Middle East. ASIA TIMES via WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Pat Tillman’s brother speaks out
Kevin Tillman writes a very sad and inspiring piece dedicated to the memory of his lost brother. Crooks & Liars

Bush rebuffs call for Iraq pullout plan Also, frustrated Tony Snow bangs head on mikes while trying to define 'strategy.' RAW STORY

Simpson's To Run Episode With “Weapons Of Mass Disintegration,” “Operation Enduring Occupation”... HuffPo