Tony Snow has often been very critical of President Bush.

Via Bradblog
"[President Bush has] lost control of the Federal Budget" - 03/17/2006

"No president has looked this impotent this long..." - 09/30/2005

"The English Language has become a minefield for the man. whose malaprops makes him the political heir not of Ronald Reagan but Norm Crosby... At one point last week, he stunned a friendly audience by barking out absurd and inappropriate words, like a soul tortured with Tourette's" - 08/25/2000

"The newly passive George Bush has become something of an embarrassment." - 11/11/2005

New WH Press Sec. Showed His Softer Side In 1989 Column “Sex, Sex, Sex”... “Sex Is Fun Only When You Do It Right”...