Left Of The Dial: HBO - Thursday 8PM

Why World War IV Can't Sell


Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war.
John Adams

BOY GEORGE: 'I won't be voting for Tony Blair again'...

Did General Ricardo Sanchez Commit Perjury?

The contents of a memo obtained by the ACLU directly contradicts the Army commander's sworn testimony that he did not approve interrogation techniques like sleep deprivation, intimidation by dogs, and naked isolation. At the time, Sanchez specifically passed the buck downward, blaming those at "the company commander level." Full Article

Laura Bush Hands Out Cookies, Calls Afghanistan 'Exotic'

"A terrific trip,” she said of her visit to the war-torn, poor, world capital of the opium trade. "Afghanistan is safe. There are certainly parts of it that aren't right now. But in general, I think it is a very safe place to travel," remarked the most securely guarded woman in the world. Full Article




BRAVO TV: Showdog Moms & Dads

Morrissey: Live at Earls Court

Live at Earls Court finds British rock icon Morrissey and his band performing in London at the end of the You Are the Quarry tour. Not to be confused with the DVD Who Put the "M" in Manchester? recorded at the beginning of the tour in May, Live at Earls Court is a completely different concert from December 2004 and features a vastly different set list.Review


Global Warming's Silver Lining?

Some scientists and academics think Earth's rising temperature is a good thing, especially for people in cold places and those who like large squid. Environmental watchdogs say the optimists have the wrong idea. By David Cohn.


Revelations from an Insider: Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg on the Bush Administration

"Auntie Mame" (1958) A Classic Story About Liberal And Conservative Values

Rosalind Russell plays the flamboyant aunt who takes in poor, orphaned Patrick, played with sophisticated ease by Jan Handzlik. Mame, all glitter and martinis, raises her nephew in a world filled with acceptance and her oddball literati friends. Among top grossing films of 1958, finally released on DVD in 2004.
Auntie Mame Quiz Site

Secret Service Admits White House is Suppressing Free Speech at Bush Events Financed by Taxpayers.

In Unusual "Signaling" Move, Secret Service Admits White House is Suppressing Free Speech at Bush Events Financed by Taxpayers. This Would be Impeachable if Republicans Cared About Our Constitution. And It Happens Again and Again. Daily Kos Blog


Jeb, Marvin & Neil - 3 Profiteering Bush Brothers

Microsoft: TV Over IP In The Wings

Hawai'i Bill Allows Owners To Leave Pets A Bequest


Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays

The Big Mac Rap Attack - Coming Soon

McDonald's has offered to pay top hip hop artists to incorporate the 'Big Mac' into their song lyrics. According to Advertising Age magazine, the fast food chain will pay rappers up to £2.80 ($5) every time a song namechecking the burger is played.Continued

Where's The Beat?

High-tech vessel brings wave of data on bay

A small boat packed with fancy gear is helping scientists in an innovative new survey of the shallow coastal waters of south Biscayne Bay. Continued


And Don't Even Get Her Started on the War

There Was No Checkpoint, There Was No Self-Defense

Ms. Betty Bowers: April Newsletter

"The New Terri Schiavo Show"
Verily, I thought The Swan was bad enough (mainly for its cruel refusal to book Barbara Bush), but this new Terri Schiavo Show is truly America's most crass foray into that siren call for opportunists everywhere -- Reality TV. Perhaps, my exasperation with this abysmal new program is exacerbated by the fact it appears to have been syndicated on every single station. Continued

Some Creditors Make Illegal Demands on Active-Duty Soldiers

Another Good Reason To Stop War.

"The law, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, protects all active-duty military families from foreclosures, evictions and other financial consequences of military service. The Supreme Court has ruled that its provisions must "be liberally construed to protect those who have been obliged to drop their own affairs to take up the burdens of the nation."

Dog-treat dispensers get tails wagging

“Coffee, Casino & Marijuana Scented MP3 Players"

The "Addiction" Series From Audiotronic.

Truly Disturbing Product Page

Air America's difficult birth, caught on film

Aquarius Rising - A New Age Dawning?

Mankind stands today on the threshold of a new era commonly referred to as the Age of Aquarius. As the spiral of history unfolds and a previous age comes to an end, new possibilities are emerging for the physical, spiritual and political development of humanity. But the effects are dramatic at the close of an age. As it winds down, and its energies wind up, all the issues of the old age become intensified and make a last stand. Continued

Corruption in Iraq is out of control?

Newsweek 4/4/05 Issue

Fraud-free zone': Willis (center) in Iraq with two CPA colleagues, preparing to pay a contractor in 2003

Coffee With Steam!

Some conservatives are angered by opinionated quotes that Starbucks puts on its cups. Continued

For gays, it happens all the time

As the fight over Terri Schiavo's fate played out in court, gay and lesbian organizations watched quietly from the sidelines, aware that any outcome would speak to one of the key motivations in their quest for same-sex marriage: the right to make medical decisions for a partner. Continued



PalmOne's New Treo 650 Raises The Bar

When a highly anticipated, leading edge, rumored gadget finally hits the market, and it's packed with features that bloggers have only dreamed about, there's obviously a lot of excitement and positive press. I have to admit that I was caught up in the, 'you-think-the-Treo-600-is-cool, just-wait-until-you-see-the-Treo 650' hoopla too.


Who is Randall Terry?

My opinion.... Hypocrite of the Week

Colin Powell's Tell-All Book: Steroid Use Rampant In White House

What Energy Crisis?

The Twilight of Fuel,the Virtue of Waste,and Why We Will Never Run Out of Energy.

Palm Beach Post Op/Ed: Schiavo case redefining the language of politics

To: All Political Partisans

From: Cerabino and Associates

Subject: Definitions Redefined

The battle over keeping Terri Schiavo's feeding tube in place, in this, her 16th year in a vegetative state, has created a new political paradigm here in Florida, as well as America.
Great Editorial

Green Car Congress Blog


Phil Donahue: "We Have an Emergency in the Media and We Have to Fix It"

Suddenly, It's Fast Forward at TiVo



Fact 1: The inventory of crude oil in the U.S. right now is 8 percent larger than it was this same week last year. And that's the biggest amount of crude on hand since the middle of 2002. More facts and figures.

Sandra Bullock - Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous

In her latest film, Miss Congeniality 2, FBI agent Gracie Hart, Bullock is on a quest to save Miss USA from kidnappers, and goes undercover, and in the most hilarious scene, in a drag queen bar. Complete Article

An Ellen lovefest, but no hugging

Major Hangups Over the iPod Phone

Tell Canada to Stop Killing Baby Seals

America's Agenda for Global Military Domination

This redirection of America's military strategy seems to have passed virtually unnoticed. With the exception of The Wall Street Journal (see below in annex), not a word has been mentioned in the US media.

There has been no press coverage concerning this mysterious military blueprint. The latter outlines, according to the Wall Street Journal, America's global military design which consists in "enhancing U.S. influence around the world", through increased troop deployments and a massive buildup of America's advanced weapons systems. Read More


Voters Rights Group Founded on Thursday - Testifies To Congress On Monday

Brad Blog
(Please see this previous BRAD BLOG article for the emerging background on this supposedly "non-partisan" tax-exempt organization which was the only such "Voting Rights" group invited to give testimony at the hearings. And, oh yes, every single name attached to this group so far seems to also be attached to Bush/Cheney '04 Inc. and/or the Republican National Committee and/or the Ohio Republican party.)

Why Paul Wolfowitz? UPDATED

The Girls from D.E.B.S. Are Here!

A totally unknown, unproven female filmmaker makes a short about beautiful schoolgirl spies in mind-bendingly short skirts and a lesbian love affair, and a major studio greenlights a feature version. And some of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood immediately sign up. And the studio lets the filmmaker write, direct and edit it.



Chemtrails: Keep An Eye On The Sky

Since approximately 1998, thousands of people started noticing airplanes spraying X’s, parallel lines, and grid patterns across our skies. These trails initially look like contrails but actually aren’t. According to the U.S. Air Force, contrails are condensation trails and happen when hot engine exhaust momentarily condenses ice crystals into pencil-thin vapor trails that quickly vanish like the wave behind a boat, very much like your breath when talking outside on a cold winter day. Chemtrails, on the other hand, linger for hours and will spread out to form large areas of “cloud” cover.

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This is from the right leaning Drudge Report.
But every drama must have a hero: Enter Randi Rhodes.

Highlight. The camera captures pm drive Rhodes in her classic PMS mood, but this time at home, in her newly rented NYC apartment.

Wearing a leopard-spotted robe, bra-less, smoking and crying "I'm so f*ckign lost," the relocated Floridian steals the show.

Talking to herself in the bedroom mirror, Rhodes whispers "You can do this."

She bemoans throughout how she is not being featured in any AIR AMERICA press. "No CNN. No USATODAY. No YAHOO wire story." How she is the only one hired at AIR AMERICA that's even been on radio before.

When she attempts to introduce herself to director Michael Moore [rushing out of a Franken Radio interview], Rhodes quickly realizes he does not even know who she is. Read More

Air America Radio president Jon Sinton told Billboard Radio Monitor “This documentary is a sanctioned event. Matt Drudge, notwithstanding, we’ve signed off on it. The filmmakers had access to us and it truly is a story of birth, death and resurrection. It’s a very redemptive story. We’re not displeased with it at all.”
Billboard Magazine 3/24/05

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Dubious doctor touted as Nobel Prize nominee by Hannity

Water Is The New Oil?

Strengthening Social Security: Compare These Websites

The Bush Teams Site:

The Knock Off: Look Closely

Another Knock Off Site:


If Jesus Returns, Karl Rove Will Kill Him

Christ was a long-haired peace activist who would have hated the war in Iraq. "Blessed are the peacemakers" Jesus said in his defining Sermon on the Mount. "Turn the other cheek...Love thy neighbor."

Such hippie-radical ideals are the "Christian" right wing's worst nightmare. The GOP would never tolerate an upstart like Jesus gathering a following in the face of their corporate-fundamentalist crusade. These are Christians who love power but would despise the actual Christ, just as they love a Zionist Israel but can't tolerate actual Jews. Complete Article

Give It Some Hydrogen - BMW Video Clip

It's not true that a car running on hydrogen can't go fast. Check out this Science Channel clip of a test run of a very quick BMW. Click Here To Watch


A Threat Greater Than Terrorism

Delusion has settled over America. Washington cannot tell fact from fantasy. Neither can sycophantic media nor nothink economists. The Bush administration is the first government in history to initiate a war based entirely on fantasy--fantasy about nonexistent "weapons of mass destruction," fantasy about nonexistent "terrorist links," fantasy about "liberating" a people from their culture, fantasy about a "cakewalk" invasion, fantasy about America's omnipotence.
Reality has yet to penetrate the Oval Office or America's "red state" consciousness. The gratuitous invasion of Iraq, the torture and the war crimes have made America despised the world over. Our once formidable alliances are shattered.
Full Article

Support-the-troops rhetoric masks massive waste

Remember the optimistic claims about how the Iraq War would pay for itself? The liberated Iraqis would exploit the country's oil resources and gratefully write a check to Uncle Sam, so the story went. Yet we don't hear much about repayment from the Iraqis these days. American taxpayers already have spent over $200 billion in Iraq, and now Congress is digging us deeper into debt with the supplemental bill. Full Article


Winter Music Conference 2005

Moguls of the electronic music industry make their way to Miami Beach for a whole week of conferences about "the business" starting March 22, but the Winter Music Conference, now 20 years old, is really about the parties. And the parties will be non-stop in the dance music capital of the U.S., as international artists and DJs play shows day and night for the entire week, culminating Saturday with Ultra Fest. Read more...

Tracy Young: Finding a new groove
Spinning a tangle of memories and emotions into a musical memo, Tracy Young wants to communicate. Not just in words, but in scratches and beats and samples from the soundtrack of her roller-coaster life as a celebrity DJ.
Full story DJs still set the beat

Miami Beach attuned to music's hip trends

WMC 2005 Schedule
International Dance Music Awards Nominees Posted


Right-Wing Leaders Make Spectacle of Terri Schiavo's Life
March 21, 2005
In a gross abuse of governmental authority, right-wing leaders have turned the life of Terri Schiavo into a media circus and exploited her condition for crass political purposes. President Bush signed legislation early today to force federal courts to violate the wishes of her husband to end Ms. Schiavo's life with dignity. Americans everywhere are rightly outraged at the insatiable demands of right-wing politicians to decide when and how people should live and die. Read More
The "Not Political" Senate Memo


Marriage Amendment was reintroduced

Discriminatory amendment returns to HouseThe antifamily Defense of Marriage Amendment was reintroduced in the U.S. House on Thursday, including language designed to punish same-sex couples, gay parents, and their children by stripping them of the equal protection of the law, no matter what the courts or the citizens of individual states might decide. Read the full story>>>


Protest Photos From Around The World

1. The US Government now admits there never were any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

2. The US Government now admits that Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11.

3. The US Government now admits that Iraq was not supporting Al Qaeda.

100's Arrested in NYC - Photos

Message Board Link=



March 18-20: The World Says End the War!

LOCAL ACTIONS NATIONWIDE At least 574 towns and cities, in all 50 states, are holding events on the two-year anniversary of the Iraq War. The number and geographic spread of these events reflect the growing breadth of the anti-war movement; last year, on the first anniversary of the war, 319 cities and towns across the United States organized events.

Protest Sign Ideas
O= Operation
I = Iraqi
L = Liberation
"We are creating enemies faster than we can kill them"
"WAR is the weapon of mass destruction"
"Love thy neighbor - Pre-emptively"
Support the TroopsBring them home!
War is ExpensivePeace is Priceless
Ain't Gonna Study War no More
Hatred feeds war, breeds fear, fuels hatred.
The constitution did not change on September 11th
If war is the answer, someone asked the wrong question!
Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism
All theworld is watching the U.S.
and all the US is watching TV!
America: One Nation Under Fraud


Global Warming Unstoppable for 100 Years, Study Says

John RoachNational Geographic News
March 17, 2005
Tired of global warming? Get used to it.
Even if humans stop burning oil and coal tomorrow—not likely—we've already spewed enough greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to cause temperatures to warm and sea levels to rise for at least another century.
That's the message from two studies appearing in tomorrow's issue of the journal Science.


The oil under this wilderness will last the US six months.

Click the title above to read the full story. It's unfortunate that we have to get news about Alaska from the British press.

Jumbo Dead Squid Wash Up in California Again

DANA POINT, Calif. (AP) - Dead jumbo squid are again mysteriously washing up along Orange County's coastline, baffling scientists who are trying to find out why.
The Ocean Institute in Dana Point has conducted some of the research, shipping specimens to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and Stanford University for further study.
Scientists at the institute this week dissected a 5-foot-long, 15-pound female Humboldt squid that was filled with parasites and sand. More than a 100 squid have been spotted since Sunday between Dana Point and San Clemente.

Venezuelans ready to battle U.S.

As the the rhetoric swells, the Venezuela-US exchange is only one of many in a world laden with conflict and rhetoric. Much of it is fear, much of it is exaggerated, but the tensions seem high in nearly every part of the world.[Posted By alpinestar]

Related story:

GQ Magazine inks major spread on gay Republicans

Click the title above for more details.


Madonna is firing back at Boy George

How about some gossip?

"Last week I told you about the Boy dissing Madonna for her faith in the Kabala, a form of Jewish mysticism. George called it homophobic and accused Madonna of being a hypocrite.

Madonna shoved her mouthpiece out fire a volley back at Boy. Spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg didn't mince words.

"There's not enough room to respond to Boy George's ridiculous accusations much less list Madonna's long-standing passion, love, commitment and devotion to the gay community which has not changed for 20 years."

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Mac Mini Dissected

Secret US plans for Iraq's oil

The Bush administration made plans for war and for Iraq's oil before the 9/11 attacks, sparking a policy battle between neo-cons and Big Oil, BBC's Newsnight has revealed.

What a surprise!


Protect Free Speech in the Senate

Republican Senate leaders have decided to fundamentally alter the role of Congress -- they want to give George Bush unprecedented power to manipulate the legislative branch and the courts. Harry Reid and the Democratic Senators asked us, the American people, to help them preserve the right of our elected representatives to speak their mind on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Sign our petition today.

Click here to take action today!



Opinion from the Right.
In a time when the leftist mainstream media is having increasing difficulty maintaining its monopoly on the news, the MSM are getting some needed and welcomed assistance. Liberal and leftist blog sites have offered to train and give needed ideas and assistance to their print and television brethren. The President of, Bob Fertik, has already helped the MSM with two conference calls. The participants who quickly acquired, and presumably used, Fertik’s call-in number include The Washington Post, CBS, MSNBC, Newsweek and the National Journal. These are just a few of the “news services” that would admit to it. Undoubtedly, there were more who wouldn’t.

Bush's Press Conference

"Propaganda is legal if accurate"
The reporter asked if there should be a disclaimer before the propaganda is aired and Bush's reply was, "That should be up to the local stations whether a disclaimer is to be used".

Yesterday's Press Conference
The President chokes on the torture question. The tics are growing worse, the verbal stumbling more incoherent. Watch it on CSPAN and in particular check out minute 16:30; the question about torture and rendition literally leaves him speechless. He stutters, his jaw tic goes into overdrive, and then he brushes off the question. This is obviously his weakest point, and the one thing he does not want to talk about. It’s quite revealing.

Randi Rhodes Returns! THU 3/17 - 3PM

Column: Americans must be wary of war on terror

As the "War on Terror" is waged and American crimes go unannounced, we must never stop fighting the terrorist crimes of our own state.

Gitmo taunter teaches tactics

WASHINGTON - An ex-Army interrogator punished for sexually humiliating detainees at the Guantanamo prison is now teaching soldiers interrogation techniques, the Daily News has learned.
Former Staff Sgt. Jeannette Arocho-Burkart, 37, is an instructor at the Army Intelligence School in Fort Huachuca, Ariz., despite being reprimanded in 2003 for her sexually taunting tactics that included smearing fake menstrual blood on terror suspects, according to four sources who knew her there.


'Baywatch' actress arrested in protest to save electric cars

Bush/Cheney Help Halliburton Hide

Helping Halliburton HideIn 2004, the UN’s International Advisory and Monitoring Board (IAMB) - the international group that oversees the use of Iraqi money on Iraqi reconstruction - wanted to know more about Halliburton. Specifically, they wanted to conduct an audit of Halliburton subsidiary Kellog Brown & Root’s single-source, oh-so-lucrative Iraq contract, $1.6 billion of which came straight from Iraqi coffers.

Is The World Supply Of Oil Really What They Say It Is?

Opposing articles.
Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' is a Misleading Zionist Scam

Petroleum Geology - It's Raining Hydrocarbons In The Gulf

What does Peak Oil herald? It heralds the end of cheap energy.

BP Executive - World Oil Output To Peak Next Decade

Alternative Fuel Story:
Bio Diesel = World Peace, in a matter of speaking
Spectator Seattle, WA - Mar 10, 2005... As technology continues to advance, renewable energy sources such as bio-diesel and hydrogen fuel are appearing to be more and more practical every day. ...


Underwater Volcanoes Erupting Simultaneously

When in America Mount St. Helen recently erupted, many thought it was just an isolated normal case of volcanic eruption. But now it is becoming clear that hundreds of underwater volcanoes are erupting all around the world especially around the Pacific Ring of Fire.

The tectonic plate movements especially under the oceans have gone up by many times. Andaman Nicobar Island now is experiencing under water volcanoes in Indian ocean and Bay of Bengal. In America North West is experiencing unprecedented level of small earthquakes and under water volcanoes. Seattle and Oregon are experiencing heavy levels of tectonic disturbance.

Rice says USA concerned at China military build-up...

Thanks Wal-Mart for building up that army.

Winner! Favorite Local Reporter:

Alex Alvarez: ABC/Local 10 - Miami

Quote from ABC's "Good Morning America" on March 18, 2003

DeLay: Another Turd In The Cesspool

DeLay’s sordid reputation, already soiled by a grand jury investigation into his influence-peddling and money-laundering schemes, took another hit last week with revelations that he, his family, and staff, took a $70,000 payoff from Indian gambling interests for his help in killing legislation they didn’t like.

Mount Kilimanjaro Meltdown

Bless the Beasts and the Children

WASHINGTON -- March 13, 2005 -- -- Photographer Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson was recently arrested two days after journalist Hunter Thompson reportedly committed suicide four weeks ago on February 10, according to two phone interviews with attorney John DeCamp last week.

Nelson was allegedly employed by a former Republican Party activist to take pictures of current or retired U.S. House-Senate members and other prominent government officials engaging in sexual criminality by receiving or committing sodomy and other sex acts on children during the Reagan-Bush 41 administrations.


Stop Fake News

Yesterday, The New York Times broke a major story outlining how the Bush administration has used millions of dollars of taxpayer money to produce and disseminate fake news programs that support their partisan political agenda.

These government-produced segments have frequently aired on broadcast TV stations across the country without proper disclosure.

Not only is this unacceptable, it is also illegal.

Judge Says Calif. Can't Ban Gay Marriage

SAN FRANCISCO - A judge ruled Monday that California's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, saying the state could no longer justify limiting marriage to a man and a woman.


Internet fuels hunger for information

WASHINGTON -- At a time when critics accuse the federal government of excessive secrecy, the public's appetite for information is growing by leaps and bounds.

Hits on government Web sites are soaring. Document requests under the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, have hit all-time highs. And online archives collecting everything from court decisions to spies' names are seeing vast growth in numbers of visitors.

America Is Not The World - Morrissey

America your head's too big, Because America, Your belly's too big
And I love you, I just wish you'd stay where you is

In America, The land of the free, they said, And of opportunity, In a just and a truthful way
But where the president, Is never black, female or gay, And until that day
You've got nothing to say to me, To help me believe

In America, It brought you the hamburger, Well America you know where, You can shove your hamburger
And don't you wonder, Why in Estonia they say, Hey you, Big fat pig
You fat pig, You fat pig

Steely Blue eyes with no love in them, Scan The World,
And a humourless smile, With no warmth within, Greets the world
And I, I have got nothing, To offer you
Just this heart deep and true, Which you say you don't need

See with your eyes, Touch with your hands, please, Hear through your ears, Know in your soul, please
For haven't you me with you now?
And I love you, I love you, I love you, And I love you, I love you, I love you

CD - You Are The Quarry 5/04

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