March 18-20: The World Says End the War!

LOCAL ACTIONS NATIONWIDE At least 574 towns and cities, in all 50 states, are holding events on the two-year anniversary of the Iraq War. The number and geographic spread of these events reflect the growing breadth of the anti-war movement; last year, on the first anniversary of the war, 319 cities and towns across the United States organized events.

Protest Sign Ideas
O= Operation
I = Iraqi
L = Liberation
"We are creating enemies faster than we can kill them"
"WAR is the weapon of mass destruction"
"Love thy neighbor - Pre-emptively"
Support the TroopsBring them home!
War is ExpensivePeace is Priceless
Ain't Gonna Study War no More
Hatred feeds war, breeds fear, fuels hatred.
The constitution did not change on September 11th
If war is the answer, someone asked the wrong question!
Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism
All theworld is watching the U.S.
and all the US is watching TV!
America: One Nation Under Fraud